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I love iced vanilla lattes with almond milk

Hello! Please call me Mocha. I'm a 3D animation/game design student from Texas. I love drawing and baking in the free time that i (try) to have! Due to the rigorous program I'm in, I often need to stay late nights in the labs to get my work completed. Coffee is definitely a little boost i have to get me through these projects

I created this page to do quick warm-up sketches during my breaks, which i offer for $3+. The more coffees given, the more art you get! Once given, please email me at including a character reference and details about the character + PayPal account (so that i can confirm your purchase). These are very simple doodles completed on my breaks. If you are interested in something more, then please consider commissioning me <3

Thank you so much for your support, everyone! Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated!


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