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I am an aspiring visual novel creator/writer who is currently writing and programming a fan-made Osomatsu-san visual novel.

Dream Novel
My name is Tanna and I am an aspiring visual novel writer and creator. Currently I am working on an Osomatsu-san visual novel project, but hope to expand to other fandoms and original projects in the future. I'm 19 years old and I've always loved visual novels. I've always dreamed of working with others to tell my stories, whether it's fanfiction or original fiction, and visual novels seem perfect. Visual novels combine art and writing to tell interactive stories that are guided by the player's choices. What could be better than that? However, visual novels take time. It isn't cheap to commission artists, composers, and others for their talent and hard work. I do not have a stable source of income. Creating visual novels seems like a far-off dream. That's why I decided to create this page. With Ko-fi, I hope to receive money to commission artists, programmers, composers, and more, helping me bring my stories to life through visual novels. Every little bit helps, and I mean that. I can't thank you enough for your support. I will post a link to my current project once the demo is finished. It is currently a work-in-progress. --- You can also think of this as a tip jar if you enjoy my writing and projects! Every little bit is loved <3

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