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Heyo! The name is Shou (pronounced like 'show'), and I'm an artist-in-training.

Shou here, I make stuff sometimes?

About Me
I'm an Artist who currently draws content ranging from fan-art, to original content. I am pursuing the goal of learning to draw furry and anime art - and as well intend to someday attain a full-time art career.

Find me at:
★ DeviantArt -
★ Tumblr -
★ Twitter -
★ Picarto -
Pixiv and ArtStation to come in the Future!

Online Store:
Starry Arts -

Alternate Tip Service (Subscription Tip):
Patreon -

Discord Servers I Founded
Discord Personal Server: Shou's Hideout -
I will not be posting here on Patreon. Follow my Personal Discord server or my various art profiles to keep up with any news or artworks.

Discord Art Server: The Art Plaza Extravaganza -
Join a server of artists to chat art and have fun. Dedicated channels are provided such as for critiques and showcases. There's also a fun game-like experience we provide to try and help users with motivation, by giving users points and more for participation. NSFW channels require a command. You'll likely find me talking in this server most by the way.

Discord General Server: The Lunch Table -
A general discussion server with channels dedicated to a variety of topics. NSFW channels require a command.

What will the money be used for?
As many circumstances make it difficult for me to find any other jobs, the money will help fill in the odd days so that I may continue to support myself. This includes paying for bills, food, upgrades and more.

If you have any of your own questions or feedback not answered here, please contact me!

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