Work Room Upgrades

33% of $180 goal

I could use a few minor quality-of-life items in my studio, such as additional organization/storage, some small upgrades to my workstation, and an actual comfortable work chair for my computer. I plan to cover as much of this myself as I can, but this amount would help.


Mary Capaldi aka "Moth Monarch" is an independent artist & designer creating insect and animal-inspired art and designs. Recent highlights include the Celestial Insects series, "Blast Radius" album cover art for Pepper Coyote, and convention art assets for Anthrocon, Furnal Equinox, and Biggest Little Furcon. Like their work? Send a tip to keep that art fire going!

If you've enjoyed my work, leave a tip! I might well buy a new bag of coffee with it - or put it toward more drawing pens, paper, and other important supplies. Those are the two most likely scenarios - both very important for me to keep going! Point is, I appreciate it and it won't go to waste! Have a good one. Stay buggy 🐛 This is a great alternative to support my work if Patreon isn't for you. You can just pop a little something my way whenever you choose, no strings attached. 💖

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