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23. London, ON. Digital artist, occasional voice over artist, disabled.

Jocelyn Galey

My name is Galey and thanks for stopping by my Ko-Fi page. Many of you know me through Twitter, which I encourage you to visit if you haven't already! I am a 23-year-old artist from Canada and this is my 'tip jar', so to speak.

Over the course of the year and a half (late 2016 and presently in 2018), I have made the massive and often difficult transition towards living alone. While circumstances were not ideal, I left home in November of 2016 and stayed with a friend. Thanks to the tremendous support I received online, I was able to find a place to stay and re-enrol in college as of January 2017. I currently have a lovely little apartment and study video game design and development! I am a freelance artist in the little spare time that I have during the school year.

I am also disabled. As such, it can be difficult to find and maintain stable employment. I have been in touch with numerous wonderful community resources throughout the year to find help! I am even in the process of trying to obtain government income support . However, a large majority of my financial aid currently comes from school loans, grants, and bursaries. The rest of my income is supported by art commissions, Patreon pledges, and whatever my supporters can spare here!

What do your tips go towards? First and foremost, I make sure that I can pay my rent ($680/mo + $25 fees for internet from my landlord, totalled at $705/mo) and hydro ($5-$10/mo after financial assistance). Next comes groceries (roughly $140/mo if I do two large shopping trips) and a bit of spending money for extra costs when I'm out (~$50/mo at most). My transportation is covered by my school tuition and my medication is partially covered by health insurance.* Now I also have a cat and she's roughly $50/mo without vet fees which can be even pricier. I've also started paying for my own phone bill ($67/mo was the cheapest I could get for my needs).

Other than that, any additional tips may be used to cover the costs of art supplies, tech repairs, etc. Sometimes life likes to throw those things at you, after all. Sometimes your support gives me just the simple peace of mind, knowing that there are people out there who want to support my work!

Whatever support you can offer is appreciated! Even a little can go a long way. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a great day.

Galey <3

*I am currently between medications and costs are a concern, should my medications or dosages change.

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