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a2z Interactive is a small independent game studio founded in 2014. Our first project, Survive the Nights, was successfully funded via Kickstarter and was Greenlit by the Steam community. Interns from the ROC Friesepoort Drachten School in the Netherlands came to the UK to help with the development of the project with two of them later joining the team permanently.

a2z Interactive
Welcome to a2z Interactives Ko-Fi page! We're a tiny team of game developers working on our first project Survive the Nights. We've be successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter and green-lit on Steam. Our dedicated community has been a massive think tank for the team. We've developed some close relationships over the last few years and many of you have asked how you could further support the effort.

As many of you know we've been rather hesitant about accepting any further donations. We're all amazingly thankful for the opportunity you've all created for us. We thank you in advance for any generosity you show here. Thank you for helping to fuel our dreams!

If you do consider donating please leave your forum/discord username so we can thank you!

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