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I'm Michael, and I make dice bags and paint miniatures. I'm the guy behind Greyed Out Productions and love creating dice bags for players of roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and more. Most of my social media is taken up by pictures of dice bags and the miniatures I'm painting at the time.

Greyed Out
Hi folks, thanks for stopping in! I've made a LOT of dice bags over the years. It's What I Do. In my spare time when I'm not sitting in front of a sewing machine, I usually have a paintbrush in my hand and am working on miniatures of one kind or another. If you head over to my Twitter feed(@greylikestorms), you'll see what I mean. I haven't had a chance to really play in an rpg in years, but I still really love dice and making dice bags for gamers. Despite not getting much gaming time in, I still have my eye on all those shiny cool games(Tales from the Loop, anyone?). I run on coffee and not enough sleep, so any funds from this will more than likely be applied to lots and lots of coffee, though I'd also love to be able to expand the printed fabrics I make bags out of. The fabric for these is about $20/yard, so it's hard to take risks on patterns without knowing if they'd be popular or not. Ko-fi would allow me to occasionally take a risk and grab a fabric pattern that I might otherwise not, and allow me to make cool stuff out of it. I really appreciate any and all support - sometimes even a simple coffee can go a long way toward making my day.

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