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☆ S T A R D U S T R O B I N ☆ ☆ robin ☆ they / she ☆ 24 ☆ ndn ☆ engaged ☆ Just a self-taught artist trying to make a living by drawing and making art. This page is used as a tip jar, commission opportunities, and possible future supporter rewards! Donations and commissions will be for things such as; bills/rent, food, pet care, car care, and miscellaneous uses.

If you enjoy what I do, please consider supporting me! Every like/share, re-blog/re-tweet, tip, donation, or commission helps me out! Not only will these go to things like rent/bills, food, my animals, and to help with my fiance's transitioning, but it will also go towards Treat Yo Self money for myself and even my fiance! It helps me remember to take a step back and relax a little. Your support also helps keep me motivated because it lets me know that you guys enjoy my content and what you guys like to see! I'm going to be offering special things on this page that I'm not doing on my other social media sites. Now I will be posting WIP shots of my art only for my supporters, I'll share ideas of my projects, I'll offer high-res downloads for certain pieces, and I'm offering commissions options that I don't offer anywhere else! Your support means the world to me. Thank you!💗💗💗

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