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I am a third-year college student studying Politics and Law, an intern in an HR consultancy and an NGO, as well as a college & study tips blogger at

Hello, I am Sabrina, a blogger at and strive-for-da-best on Tumblr. Students Toolbox is a blog that provides tips on studying, productivity, organization, career, lifestyle and more, which is also known to be an extension of my studyblr. The reason why I started the blogs is that I am a strong believer of education and self-development, and it is my passion to inspire and instill positivity and motivation!

While I am a full-time college student studying Politics and Laws, I am also working on my blogs, two internships, and one student research assistant job to meet my living expenses and the costs of my blogs. Hoping to go on an academic exchange to another country next year, I am currently trying to save some money and pay all of the costs for exchange by myself.

If you like the content of my blogs, I would be very happy if you could support me to provide better content on the blogs! x


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