Hi! This is Neeve, the admin of the BTS Content Index. I compile all subbed & not subbed BTS content into one handy website!

BTS Content Index
Hi~ This is Neeve, the creator of the BTS Content Index! The index is a 24/7 job, and updating it can be really time consuming. If you've taken a look at the weekly roundups we post, you'll know just how busy we are! I've updated the index in clubs, on the side of a highway, using free wifi on an airplane, on the streets of Mexico - it really doesn't stop. Running the index also includes posting updates on twitter and tumblr, making recs, communicating with the foreign subbing teams we work with (and eng sub teams), answering ask.fm, fixing links, answering general questions through twitter, and optimising the website! I'm in university with a part time job, so I'm generally pretty flat out - every contribution really helps!! Your donations, quite literally, will go towards my daily morning coffee (I'm not a real person in the morning without it)

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