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I make music, comedy videos, vlogs and more.

Donations are used in a variety of ways.
Updates on whatever the project is I'm working on, that requires donations, will be posted here first before it's posted anywhere else.

Right now, the current project is raising money for some digital land on Second Life and paying for it for a full year.
That amounts to roughly $5000.00 US dollars.

For those not familiar with Second Life, it's a social platform for people to interact on. Much like IMVU, and other digital social environments.

The digital land is going to be used for Roleplay. Fans of the upcoming sim can show their support for the project by donations!

Be aware that Paypal takes a percentage of the funding, so therefore, it's a bit higher of a goal. Typically, we would need about 4800 dollars or so, but the 5k makes up for the amount Paypal takes per donation.

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