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I'm a female cosplayer and costume maker from Germany. I mostly make cosplays from Video Games and Anime and I'm always trying to improve my skills. ♡ But cosplay is an expensive hobby and my financial situation leaves only a little space for making costumes. So, if you like what I do and what to support me, this is your place - every coffee is appreciated and goes into my cosplay work.

Hey there! ♡ Thank you for visiting here.
I'm a cosplayer with passion. But this hobby includes getting up earling or long nights for working on costumes. Coffee is always helpful to keep me awake an motivated (and besides I love it!).
So, if you like my content it would be very helpful to support me. I really appreciate it! ♡

"Virtuous Treaty" Cosplay Prop for 2B cosplay (NieR:Automata)

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