We have been into two wheels and Film making ever since we can remember. Growing up in the Middle East (Dubai) we had many places to ride our bikes and make movies, the road outside, construction sites, the excess open space and the odd mosque or two even if it meant getting chased out by the keeper with slipper in hand (the marble floors felt too good to ride and skid on), but more importantly we loved to go fast and to jump. It was friendly competition between brothers to see who could jump the biggest ramp and the most of our friends. It wasn’t long before we started to break the bikes as we pushed them to their limit, bent forks, broken spokes and no brakes! It was down to us to put them back together! It wasnt long before TwinThing Custom Motorcycles was born combining our two favourite things 2 wheels and Film.

Welcome to our Ko-fi Page. If you enjoy our content, please consider supporting what my brother Luke and I do. It is only the two of us we do all the work from building, filming, editing, uploading so every little helps. Thank you.

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