McKinley Massacre

Donations are put straight back into my work; fresh materials to restock premade items, new projects...all leading into new content for me to share with you! My line of costume work is usually pretty advanced, meaning I like use methods and materials not as often used in cosplay building, such as electronics (sound effects, lighting effects, animatronics, etc), high quality materials like NFTech fabric and Smooth-On materials, and complicated overall builds, all of which I also love to share WIPs, walkthroughs, and tutorials of. When I'm not working on costumes, I do a lot of digital artwork, and your donations will help me cover the cost of the programs I use, as well as any new programs or extra content in the future! On top of all of that, the motivation your support gives, donation or not, keeps me going emotionally and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! <3

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