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Hi! I'm Hakanai/SEiKo, a youtaite and illustrator!

I moved to a new place recently and I cannot record anymore at home ( neigbors&room acoustic problems) so I need to buy a new mic and audio interface because I cannot record with my current usb mic on my laptop 'cause it sounds awfully bad, that why I used to record on my desktop when I had no neigbors or room acoustic problems before. Now, even if I'm a fulltime worker I'm still opening drawing commissions in order to save money faster but it's not enough!

If you like my art, want to hear more covers from me or just support me, your help would be greatly appreciated! Sharing is also a way to help, the more visibility, the more potential helpers and this means a LOT to me! ∑d(°∀°d) Thank you for your suport! ♥


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