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Hi! I'm Hakanai/SEiKo, a youtaite and illustrator!

I'm a hobbyist illustrator and singer called SEiKo or 儚い(Hakanai). I've been posting my work on internet since 2010 and I'm currently having a full time job in order to save money for intending doing an art school in the following years and I succesfully saved more than the half needed for the 5years course I'm planning to do by working but I'm having a hard time saving money currently due to personal problems.

So, if you like my art, want to hear more covers from me or just support me, your help would be greatly appreciated! Sharing is also a way to help, the more visibility, the more potential helpers and this means a LOT to me! ∑d(°∀°d) Thank you for your support! ♥


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