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Hi there! I write fiction, poetry, and the occasional rant as Katje van Loon, and blog about pagan religious stuff and witchcraft as Morag Spinner (moragspinner.net). Instead of creating 2 different accounts on here I figured I'd just combine my two halves into one. WITH OUR POWERS COMBINED WE ARE...very tired. Oh man, so much to write, so little time!

Katje / Morag
Hey there! Thank you so much for checking out my ko-fi page! What is this page about? Well, I do a LOT of work in the fields of writing, blogging, etc, and while I do have some of my fiction books for sale, the vast majority of content I produce is free (including some of my fiction). Which is great! I want to reach more people, and keeping so much of my work free is the best way to do that. Eventually, I want to be able to live full-time off my books (both fiction and any eventual pagan non-fiction I put out). I 100% believe that's possible. And when it happens, that means I'll have a bunch more time to devote to said books as well as my blogging and just all my writing in general. However, until that time, I need to continue to work all the time, mostly freelance/self-employment, in order to buy things like rent and food and the all-important coffee, and that sucks away time from my writing -- ie, what I love to do, and what people love to read. SO! If you are one of those people who loves to read my work, if you want to help me out on a one-time basis without becoming a patron at my Patreon (link on my Morag Spinner site), or heck, if you have no idea who I am but want to pay it forward or just support the arts in general...this page is for you. Buy me a coffee and help me fuel my writing life. I will love you forever! <3 Katje/Morag

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