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write and blog and photograph and sometimes sing. @marlodjur on instagram, tumblr, and twitter. @valstakt on tumblr has some more of my artistic endeavours. also, if you found your way here because of one of my side blogs, hi! thank you! i am also dipping my toes into music (mostly as a vocalist), and though i haven't posted to soundcloud or anything yet, i have posted as aderton on trackd.


all this money will go towards keeping me fed, for little inexpensive things, to help with other expenses i incur, and just keeping me afloat during a difficult time.

if you enjoy any of my web content, or you've come to this page from a website you enjoy, please consider donating a bit of money!

for full disclosure: this goes to my dad's paypal account right now, mostly because i'm cowardly and haven't set one up yet. eventually, i will create one of my own. i have incredibly bad burnout right now, and having his help with one step of this process for now is a godsend. so, if you don't see the name marlo, don't be worried. i'm not a scammer, just a tired disabled woman.

- m

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