• What do you do? For now, I'm working on Teen Cups, my Cuphead AU. You can enjoy previews of the comic right here! ✨ Then I'll continue my original comic Walls To Break and there will be previews as well! And even later, I have another thing planned. I'll talk more about it when the time comes 😉 I also have an online shop with goodies and stuff! With fandoms and original designs. • Why are you here? I always loved comics and cartoons. They were and still are a safe place during tough times. A way to escape reality when I need it (or just when I feel like it, 'cuz it's fun!). Characters I relate to help me keep hope and feel less alone. Years ago, my cousin introduced me to SpongeBob and used to make fanarts of it. I gave it a try and she's the reason I draw today. When I started sharing my works online, feedbacks made me realize that other people enjoy what I do and they even tell me that my creations make their days. It's one of the best feelings I've ever known. I figured I could do the same as creators who make my life better: make up stories, characters, share them and hopefully help other people who struggle like me. Even if it's 1 single person laughing at the silly jokes in my comics, it's already huge 💙 If I can make someone think life is worth living thanks to a happy ending, well then wow, it'd be a honor. (It's also always fun to see people cry in the comments when there's angst, hehe- Ahem.) So yeah, basically, it became a dream to make a living of my works so I can devote my time to do this! Every little bit counts! And shares! Thank you! Patreon: PayPal: Shop: Commissions infos: Useful links (List of my works): FAQ:

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