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Hi! My name is Nick. I love art, programming, and tabletop RPGs. I am trying to carve out time in my life to do more of that and share it with you!

Hi, I'm Nick! I am an artist and programmer, and I create novelty twitter bots online for free (see the list at the bottom). If you enjoy these bots and would like to see me make more, feel free to leave a tip!
Your generous donations help me in several ways:
- I can invest more time into these bots instead of taking on freelance jobs
- I can afford premium hosting services which are more reliable and offer greater functionality
- I can buy physical materials for some more experimental bots (try to imagine a machine equipped with paint brushes and a camera, controlled by the internet)
- They help to assure me that what I'm doing isn't just a huge waste of time!

Any donation is appreciated and will go towards the creation of more cool digital nonsense!
If you would like to get a bit more involved with my projects and enjoy some early access stuff, consider becoming a patron instead at https://www.patreon.com/nickdrawthing!

A list of my existing free bots:

Player Character Bot: makes up D&D 5ed characters:

Gob Bot: creates descriptions of nasty orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins:

Gamma World Bot: makes up characters for the roleplaying game Gamma World:

Dungeon Ideas: Creates simple little dungeon layouts for roleplaying games:

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