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Fanfic Writer, Freelance Writer, & Struggling Adult

Hey, guys! You probably know me from my recent Klance fanfics: "Operation: Time out", "Shut up and Dance With Me", and "The Marks We Make" (or if you're old school, my homestuck fanfics "Silence is Golden" and "The Heir and His Knight")

I'm currently working as a freelance writer online because that's the only thing I can do and manage keep my depression under control. Unfortunately, it doesn't pay much. I could take on more projects for work, but I've chosen to keep that time open to write my Klance fanfiction because that's one of the only things that genuinely makes me happy.

If you enjoy my writing, it would mean so, so much if you'd spend a couple bucks to support me. I try my best to put out content as quickly as I can, for my readers but also for myself. Writing is what I love to do, unfortunately I can't do it without support from my readers.

If you've made it this far, whether you do anything or not, thank you for taking an interest <3 It means more than I can put into words.

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