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Howdy! I'm relatively new to voice acting, but I've had the good fortune to take on a variety of roles. I have long been a lover of fantasy and animation, and I developed a discerning ear for detail early on, often imitating sounds, accents, and different voice types. I have a diverse vocal range borne of decades of musical practice and mimicry, as well as giving life to characters that I would encounter in books, comics, and video games. Before getting into voice acting, I started as a musician with a focus on world flutes, having acquired my first Native American style flute in 2005. The collection has grown since then, to include other types of flutes, harmonicas, and percussion instruments, which I've used for live performances and studio recordings alike. As of 2018, I have produced four albums of original instrumental music, which can be found on Bandcamp.

Stephen Cumberworth
I love to make music and share it with others! If you have ever garnered any enjoyment from listening to my flutes, whether in person, on one of my albums, via Fox Amoore's music, or even just by stumbling across one of my songs through sheer happenstance, then you have my gratitude! Knowing that my music is able to touch someone in a meaningful way is a major component of the fuel that keeps me going. Caffeine helps, too. :P Now, to be honest, I'm not a fan of coffee, but if you'd like to buy me a cup o' tea, why...'twould be much appreciated! Any contributions made here will help me to have that much more time and resources available to keep making music, to try new things with new instruments, to produce and release new original compositions and albums, and to collaborate with other artists on awesome projects! Music is one of my top passions in life, and if you're able to contribute just a little bit here, then I will happily keep sharing my musical endeavors with you! Thanks a bunch!

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