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hey there!! i'm the representative for the tumblr blog iloveroadhog. i help take care of two five-year-old kids for my roommates so i cannot get a 9-5 employment job. i want to support myself wherever i can. any little bit helps me generate content for the blog and keep myself afloat!! thank you so much for your help!!!

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hey there!!! i'm iloveroadhog's representative. i currently cannot obtain a 9-5 employment job because i help watch my roommate's five-year-old twin boys. because of this, i rely solely on commissions and donations of my/junkrat's art to keep myself as financially independent as possible and also to help out when we struggle with bills. we're all struggling financially to keep ourselves afloat, and i want to make sure i do what i can to help out and keep our lives as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible!!! any little bit helps so much, and please don't forget to message iloveroadhog off-anon if you donate so you can get a personalized thank-you doodle from junkrat! thank you so much!!!! your support means the world to me!!!!