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Hi, Marcel here!
You are now on my Ko-Fi Account and for only one "Coffee or two you get unlimited and instant access to 93.6 GB or 1059 recordings( and counting) of high-quality sounds in 96/24 WAV recorded in currently 15 different countries!
You will receive a direct message with the link to my "Secret Sound Library" after your support. Thank you so much!

Our desire is to promote creativity and contribute to innovators while they pursue their craft. This site was founded from our burdensome experience hunting for quality sound for a video project. We went to YouTube to find an acceptable track and realized there was clearly a need help creators (like us) find good sounds for little to no cost.

Even though this site is free for you, it does have its expenses to upkeep. If you find yourself wondering how you can boost us and keep us going then maybe you can invite us for a coffee! Thank you so much for that! Libby and Marcel! And if you have any questions let us know!

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