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I'm a student, blogger, campaigner, journalist and YouTuber.

I’m a disability rights campaigner. My projects are unfunded. I love creating content and help others.
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Emily Davison:
Thank you for supporting my work, I'm a postgraduate, writer, blogger, disability campaigner, journalist and YouTuber.

I currently run a blog/YouTube channel under the name Fashioneyesta and have been for 4 years. Its a blog all about making fashion and beauty inclusive for people with sight loss and changing stereotypes surrounding disability. I also make videos on disability, give advice and generally aim to act as a source of information and support.

I also currently co run an unfunded podcast channel called Fashionability which is a podcast channel all about making fashion accessible for all.

Alongside this, I campaign for disability rights and equal opportunities for people with disabilities. As a disabled student myself, I have currently been unable to obtain employment. I currently run all my projects, including my blog, YouTube channel and podcast without funding. I love being able to share my experiences and help others. And you're support means that i would be able to continue to do so.

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