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I’m Emily, I make blogs and videos on living with a disability and on disability awareness.

My projects are mostly unfunded. I love creating content and help others.
Your support helps to fund the production of YouTube videos and blog posts which give advice and raise awareness on disability.
Thanks for your support!

Emily Davison
Thank you for supporting my work, I'm a postgraduate, writer, blogger, disability campaigner, journalist and YouTuber.

I currently run a blog/YouTube channel under the name Fashioneyesta and have been for 4 years. Its a blog all about making fashion and beauty inclusive for people with sight loss and changing stereotypes surrounding disability. I also make videos on disability, give advice and generally aim to act as a source of information and support.

I also currently co run an unfunded podcast channel called Fashionability which is a podcast channel all about making fashion accessible for all.

Alongside this, I campaign for disability rights and equal opportunities for people with disabilities. As a disabled student myself, I have currently been unable to obtain employment. I currently run all my projects, including my blog, YouTube channel and podcast without funding. I love being able to share my experiences and help others. And you're support means that i would be able to continue to do so.

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