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I'm Fleet: writer, critic, book reviewer, and general curmudgeon. I'm always available for writing and fanfic commissions. Oh, and I do Perler bead creations, if that tickles your fancy.

Fleet Sparrow:
Hey, y'all! I'm a homebound disabled writer trying to make a living and doing the best I can (and, um, I occasionally break into song). I write fanfic and slowly I'm posting my original works. Everything I write is like me: queer af.

I also do book reviews, movie reviews, and (hopefully soon) livestream game reviews. I'm super open to requested reviews, if that's what you're interested in.

I say they'll go to books, but really, all of your donations will be helping me live and get the accessibility tools I need to keep doing what I'm doing, and generally surviving.

I'm always open to talk: here, Twitter, Tumblr, Discord, my site, even Instagram if that's your jam.

Thank you so much and I love each and every one of you. Especially you.

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