Supporting me allows me to ensure maintenance of all my tools/equipment that allow me to provide content (such as my scanner for archiving, audio peripherals, camera(s), software subs or updates,) and potentially expand what I can do as a content creator. I don't run any ads on my sites, a matter of pride for sure but I also generally do not like how so many of them integrate and even take over sites when you're trying to look on them for information, so all of the VF Network is funded out of my own pocket. I'm transitioning into resuming work on translation and archival of items on Viperhazard (Resident Evil/Biohazard), Origin Beach (Ecco the Dolphin), beak BLAST! (Pokémon), & Elysium & Tartarus (animation cels/sketches/reference sheets) — all of these are a process, especially VH and Origin Beach, which are being recoded from the ground-up. Any tips are highly appreciated.

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