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Hey guys! I'm Roo aka @Nbaku, @MCUGifsDaily, and @NewGenAnpanman on tumblr! I'm a writer and gif creator. I love BTS, Marvel comics and the movies, but what I love most is creating content for my followers so they can see themselves as the heroes of their own story with the characters they love.

I don’t wanna be That Bitch™️ but I’m in bit of a pickle… So I was recently let go from my job, but I am trying to see this as a blessing rather than a curse. I hated my job and didn't support or believe in the company's practices, but it was a paycheck so I put up with it until they let me go for things that were out of my control. Of course, this now means that paying my mortgage, keeping my kitchen stocked, and even feeding my puppies is going to become very difficult now. Not to mention I lost all my health benefits so getting my much needed prescriptions is going to start costing me an arm and a leg. People around the world are going through things I could never imagine so I am trying to look at the bright side of this and see how I can use my time most efficiently. I am now trying to go to school to become a licensed nail tech as that has been my true passion for years now. Anything I receive from here will either go towards paying my regular bills or into the small fund I have going for a down payment to enroll into the school I want to attend. Anyone who donates 3+ coffees is more than welcome to request a gif set, edit, icon pack, fic, drabble, or anything you can think of that is within the scope of my abilities. Just put it in the message on here and then message me directly on one of my blogs. I am also willing to do tarot card readings as well. 3+ coffees will get you a full 10 card spread sent directly to you with a detailed interpretation that is unique to you. Thanks for taking the time to read this garbled nonsense from someone who’s just doing her best 💖

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