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Hi! I'm Liz. I'm weird and random and dedicated. I love my family, writing, reading, podcasting and podficcing. I work with what I have, dedicate as much time to my family as possible but also do contract work on the side to help out. It comes and goes.

Elizabeth Jeffcoat
ETA: So life kind of punched us in the gut hard core. And we're in a really really tight spot. I hate doing this, I feel like shit for doing this but I have no choice but to ask. If you have money to spare please please consider throwing some our way. I will totally write what you want. I just have not other place to go right now. _____________ This isn't a "I won't write unless" type of thing but money is what it is and so I figured I'd throw this out there. I just lost my latest contract, which is my job, of course, and so now I'm jobless till I can find a good contract work. I AM working extreme part time for a friend, but between two kids school fees, my car and the holidays money is more than tight. So this money will just go to getting myself righted and I swear it is absolutely not expected, but would really help. If you do donate AND want to request, feel free, but know I will write forever for free. I promise. Either put the request in the message or message me on Tumblr.

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