Buy a Coffee for Tox

Hi everyone! My parents' denial of my gender and my sexuality, in addition to both his and my mother’s denial to allow me to see my therapist, has finally resulted in me giving up on them. I’m going to open commissions to allow me to save money that they don’t know about(on a private paypal account) for when I can finally move out.

If you have any questions about where I’ll be putting the money, where I’ll be going when I get out, or anything else, just shoot me an IM on my tumblr, @shugochara-fandomstuck or @toxwrites!

fandom based (I will write for any fandom, even if I don’t know it yet!);

oneshot, 1000 words- $15

+sequel- +$10

+chapter- $5 for every additional

prompt-based, non fandom (creative writing, poetry, songs, etc)-

$10 p/1000 words

All finished commissions will be put up on @toxwrites, my new writing blog. Please ask if you have any other questions!

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