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Greetings! My name is Farronox and I am a: Gamer, Dungeon Master, World Builder, Philanthropist, and Streamer. Join me as I experience what Games have to offer, Tell the stories of the shenaniganous Adventurer's who join me, and try to make the world a better place. This page offers Cumulative Rewards: 1 Soylent: Personal Thanks 5 Soylents: Live Shout-out with Personal Audio Command 10 Soylents: Personal Signed Postcard 20 Soylents: Greater Discord Recognition Role 50 Soylents: Signed Poster 100 Soylents: Spreadshirt Prize Pack

In just about 30 days I'm engaging with a quite ambitious endeavor. With the launch of Shadowbringers, the newest Final Fantasy XXIV (14) expansion I will be taking the friday, and the following Monday through Thursday off from work to stream Every Day! I look forward to seeing you all there, But my job does not pay out vacation time upon requested time off, and I will not be getting payed that week. So, not to beg, I just want you all to know that your support here is incredibly valued. I hope to see our little community grow a lot over that week. <3

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