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Marlow KJ
Hi! If you're here that means you must want to give me money. If I'm mistaken then you can leave or keep reading for a reason to give me money.
I'm not an impressive person. I don't have a lot to my name really! I'm a bisexual 23 year old from Satan's Asshole, USA (the Mojave Desert) who's never been employed and can't drive. I like to draw, even if I'm a bit lazy with it. I love to sing and play make-believe. I dress nice when I feel like it and it makes me feel good! I was homeless once and got stuck in the middle of a blizzard in Pittsburgh at midnight. I cry listening to any kind of music, watching any kind of movie, and reading any kind of book. I tend to take other folks' emotional baggage upon myself like an idiot. And, I'm really funny and try to be as genuine as possible. I love staring at the sky, taking pictures of the sky, and the sky in general. What else? Oh yeah, I'm a witch. Hades & Persephone are my real parents probably. And I love sushi.

I have a lot of dreams! Some are big and some are small. One day I wanna live in a cottage in the woods, cooking good food and kissing my future wife(ves). Before that I'd like to go to university, travel the world with the chamber singers, make my own music, get a record deal, make the world a better place, and eat all kinds of food. Donations from you would help me a lot to get there. Oh yeah, I wanna kiss my celeb crush. Maybe someday.

My goal currently is to earn enough money to buy a video camera, a laptop, and supplies for a recording space. Then I can hopefully start producing enough content to start me on the path towards being a bigshot. That'd be fun I think.

Currently? Looking at the prospect of becoming a physician & nutritionist so I can help people in marginalised communities who have trouble getting most doctors to listen to them. But honestly I'm just gunning for whatever career comes most natural, to start.

Thanks for reading!

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