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I do a lot of stuff, ranging from comics to crude animations, and a bit of RPG Maker devving. It depends on the kind of day I'm having. I don't really have much of a free time since I study premed and case studies take up a lot of my time.

I still do what I can to earn a living. God knows I need it.

Hiya! Thanks for visiting my Ko-fi page, and (hopefully) considering to support my work.
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All the donations I receive will almost always be spent on:

-Art Materials/Gadgets
-Events (such as birthdays)

If the goal is fulfilled, a raffle will be held for nonanonymous supporters from that batch.

Winner is allowed an art request worth $30, given that it still follows the general rules of my commissions.

If ever you want to ask me something or are interested to commission me, please visit my Tumblr page for more details.


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