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Hi ! I'm Emma and I'm running Rose Leslie Source, your longest-running and most complete online source about actress Rose Leslie.

I have created Rose Leslie Source because it seemed unfair to me that there was so little on internet about my favorite actress and because I wanted her work and talent to get more recognition. Since the beginning it has always been really important to me to make the site, the gallery and the social accounts as pleasant and complete as I can – but updating and taking care of everything takes time and costs money. It’s also important to me that the fansite remains ad-free (I can’t chose what the ads are and it’s quite annoying), so I have to pay for this while I’m spending time and money taking care of Rose Leslie Source for free.

I will enjoy taking care of the site that way as long as I can but I would be forever grateful if you wish to make a donation as it will be a huge help to pay the host, the domain name, themes and pictures. Every dollar/pound/euro counts and means a lot. In return I would gladly take a bit of my time to make something for you - icons, wallpapers or gifs.

Thank you for reading and donating ! ♥

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