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Hey! I'm Artemis, 16, queer teenager that sings and draws :)

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Artemis says:
Hey! I wanna thank you for clicking this link and reading my story so thank you very much! Now,, I've never thought I'd need to ask ppl for money but I'm in a really tough place right now as my current binder broke and I don't have money to buy a new one. I also can't ask my parents, siblings or anyone that lives in my country to buy me one and then pay them back because being trans in my country equals emprisonement and often conversion therapy which is something I don't want, really.
My binder was the only thing that helped me through dysphoria and most of the time made me feel better about myself a donation would meant a lot to me.. if you want something in exchange i can offer singing you a song or drawing you a headshot of whatever character you want! just contact me on twitter: @transvoltron i usually answer on the same day!

last but not least i wanna thank you for your generosity and i want to tell you that your kindness will always be rewarded at the end and i love you! :^)

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