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Hey! I'm Lou, I'm 17 and I'd love to have enough money to be able to move out in two years. I offer song cover commissions and drawing commissions. Follow my twitter for more content. Donations are also appreciated!! Message me on twitter to get more details abt commissions please!!!!

Hey! I wanna thank you for clicking this link and reading my story so thank you very much! Now,, I've never thought I'd need to ask ppl for money but I'm in a really tough place right now: my family is severely abusive but doesn't realize it and I can't get any treatment, I am not allowed to see a doctor and I feel threatened by my parents. I've been dealing w this for far as I can remember, I've always been the "glue" of the family and as my legal age is nearing I figured it still wasn't late for me to live a normal life so I'm planning on moving away at the age of 18 after I graduate and get the guarantee that I will have enough money to go to college for a year, then I'll just work my ass off to make it work. It's very funny to plan all this right now I know but it's a sign of hope to me, something I'll hold onto to not let my mental illnesses take over.. a donation would mean a lot to me, but if you want something in exchange i can offer singing you a song or drawing you a headshot of whatever character you want! just contact me on twitter: @ChrisGiacometti i usually answer on the same day!

last but not least i wanna thank you for your generosity and i want to tell you that your kindness will always be rewarded at the end and i love you! :^)


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