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Hey there! I'm Emily Kardamis, comic artist and illustrator. I make a comic called Steamed Veggies, draw stuff for podcasts sometimes, and generally just try to make people smile.

Hey! Consider this a tip jar; if you like my work and what I do, this is just a little way to say thank you! Your support helps me keep making comics and art, and will probably genuinely go to coffee because I need it to live.

Ko-fi Commissions: If you donate, I'll draw a thank-you doodle of your choice! Just leave your request and your Twitter/email, and your drawing will be posted and/or sent to you! (If you don't leave a request, I won't be able to draw you a thank you doodle, so please keep this in mind!)

corruptedgem @ twitter
artfulhypothesis @ tumblr

Funding for iPad (for Digital Commissions at Conventions!)

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