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I run the website GayYA.Org which helps to promote LGBTQIA+ YA literature. I talk a lot about trans representation, good books, and cats on Twitter @findmereading.

Vee S.
Hey!! I'm hoping to go to ALA this month, and have most of it covered, but am about $100 short for covering all the expenses. (I've been able to work very little the past couple of months due to family mental & physical health issues.) This will go partly towards my registration (which is $175) and bus tickets (about $30 each way). Any extra will go to ticketed special events, such as the Margaret A. Edwards Award Brunch and the Printz Reception. Thank you so so SO much, in advance! Going to ALA last year was the absolute best experience of my life so far, and I'm so psyched to be going again.
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