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I'm a 22-year-old history student from the North East of England who writes, reads and sips tea while the world goes by.

You can find out more about The English Teacup by visiting my 'About' page (

On this page you can donate money to my blog. If you enjoy my content and would like to see more of it, or would just like to do a good deed for a workaholic student who is just getting started in the world, please consider a small donation.
All proceeds will be poured back into the blog to help fund expenses such as the registered domain name and writing subscription fees. Everything on my blog, including the books I review, is paid for out of my own pocket. I try and keep this as low-cost as realistically possible as student life isn't known for its glamorous funding but your help, no matter how big or small, could go a long way into helping me continue to create.

Thank you.

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