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I'm an illustrator and graphic designer. I love my dog and I also draw a lot and play video games sometimes (*´꒳`*)ノ✨

Yuri!!! on Ice ❄️ and Boku no Hero Academia 💪🏼💥

Planning my Tamaki zine, BNHA villains merch, and a future original comic 💕

Translation blog:

Art requests:
☕️ x 1, you can request a sketch
☕️ x 2, you can request a full color chibi

More detailed commissions:

Translation requests:
☕️ x 3, one page of a comic (JP to ENG)
☕️ x 4, one song (JP to ENG)

Translation blog:

* All requests are for PERSONAL USE ONLY!!!

Monthly perks:
☕️ x 1, you will receive a postcard or sticker set
☕️ x 2, you will receive the above and a button pin (2.25 in)
☕️ x 3, you will receive the above and an acrylic charm (1.5 in)

* merch designs will depend on stock

☀️ you can help decide what the theme of the perks will be every month
🌸 please send me your address so you can receive your monthly perks

Help with loans

6% of goal

Every waffle counts!

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