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I'm a brownish (ᏣᎳᎩ) YA/NA author who yells a lot about fandom, intersectional feminism, social justice, politics, false prophets, and diverse representation. I also dabble in video game live-tweeting. Garrus Vakarian is my space dino boyfriend. I'm not Twitter's favorite auntie, but I'm probably in the top ten.

Auntie Kristy
Confession: I don't even like coffee.

What I do like: gummy bears, books, video games, being able to afford my medication and go to the doctor, Diet Coke fountain drinks, paying it forward, and generally using my forces for good. CHAOTIC GOOD.

Also octopi. I'm a pretty big fan of octopi.

Any donations received will go to the above, though probably not octopi.

Thanks for being awesome, you precious cinnamon rolls. Auntie loves you to the moon and back.

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