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Volunteer Social Media Manager of a small family business. Anthropologist fond of photojournalism, writing & beta-testing.

Hi! I’m a 32 years old unemployed person with Multiple Sclerosis. I have mobility and balance issues amongst other sequels from my MS lesions.

Physiotherapy used to help me manage pain and also regain a bit of my strength, balance, mobility and, in the end, independence.

Ever since I was left without it my condition only worsened. Both physical and mentally.

So... Right now I need money for physiotherapy in the private practice, because I'm without it at the Hospital since March 2017 - with no prospects of getting my time in the waiting line any time soon.

My ko-fi as well as my paypal pages are open for donations.

Every cent helps! Yes, really.

Thank you in advance for any sharing of this amongst your social media and/or donation/s!

<3, Eloísa

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Current goal: Physiotherapy!

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Every coffee counts!

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