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Anthropologist fond of photojournalism, writing & beta-testing.

Hi! I’m a 32 years old unemployed queer person with Multiple Sclerosis. I have mobility and balance issues amongst other sequels from my MS lesions.

Physiotherapy helps me manage pain and also regain maintain my strength, balance, mobility and, in the end, independence.

Ever since I was left without it at the public Hospital, back in March 2017, my condition only worsened. Both physical and mentally.

So... I need money for physiotherapy in the private practice, because I'm with no prospects of getting my time in the waiting line any time soon.

My ko-fi as well as my paypal pages are open for donations.

-> Money donated through Ko-fi will be spent in Physiotherapy sessions; while donations made directly to my Paypal will be spent in Physio, but also in meds and other health-related bills, if needed.

-> I'll update you through my Ko-fi comments and Twitter.

-> If you prefer to do some direct giving instead of donating money, here's a wishlist of mine:

Thank you in advance for any sharing of this amongst your social media and/or donation/s!

Every cent helps! Yes, really.

<3, Eloísa

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Current goal: Physiotherapy!

63% of goal

Every coffee counts!

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