Hey! You can call me Yami! I love to draw fanart and occasionally original things(though not as often..). Any support given will go towards helpful things such as food and drinks, so uh.. y'know, the necessities. If you donate £3 I'll happily sketch something of your choice! Just as long as it isn't too complicated haha;;;; Example sketch is in my gallery! Also! Be sure to leave your Twitter/Insta/Tumblr handle if you do want a doodle so I can tag ya! :D (same goes for if you want me to do it for someone else- just leave their handles instead :0) WILL DRAW: - Cute stuff - Animals - OC's - fursona's (or just sona's in general) WON'T DRAW: - N S F W art - Complicated BG's - Mecha's - Any ship involving minors/adults - No aged up minors either^^^

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