Monica from Books Of M
Hiya! I am so very grateful for your support. I need your help funding a two-week trip to Egypt. $10,000 will cover the tour, flight, lodging, meals, and personal expenses, including trip insurance. Donations over and above the amount will be allocated for new electronic equipment, including a new camera, to help me with my photography. During the pandemic, I made a long list of what I wanted to learn. This list generated a lot of productivity, but the tasks also brought reminders that I'd forgotten someone important. Me. As the months in quarantine passed, I realized the recent storms of my life had quashed my childhood sense of wonder and enthusiasm for mysteries and the unknown. I’ve completely forgotten why I love telling stories and either engineering or writing in other creators' sandboxes. I'm happy to say I've been working on finding inspiration and reviving my authorial voice, but some things can't be restored on a computer. I realized that new experiences--taking action on my dreams--are vital for me, my work, and my personal growth. As I acted on this list, crossing off manageable tasks, I dared to add a dream: a trip to Egypt. Ever since I was a little girl, Egypt has always been a source of mystery and wonder. Some kids wanted to be a doctor or lawyer when they grew up, but me? Oh no. Indiana Jones. The more I thought about this trip, the more I realized it isn’t something I want to take “some day”. That’s a day that may never come. This trip is something I want to do “if possible". I hope to find that sense of wonder on this trip and discover why I’ve been drawn to Egypt for so many years. I also hope this experience will be enriching for my work, to provide me with experiences I can't find in reference materials. I am not an archaeologist nor an actor pretending to be one. I became a genre writer, instead, rounded out by many hobbies ranging from terribly awful knitting to bead weaving, watercolors, and photography. I'd like to do more watercolors and sketching exercises. Will be posting about this journey here on Ko-Fi. Thanks for listening! I hope you have a dream, too, and you're not afraid to pursue it. Life is far too short and, to be perfectly blunt, we could all use a little magic and luck to make our deepest desires come true. #KofiChallenge

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