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I do the arts thing sometimes. I also try to do the writing thing, but that doesn't tend to get shared until it's finished (and by finished, I mean published. /o/ I'll get there)

Anyways, Thanks for stopping by~!

Right now, I'm taking pokemon-donations~! (You can also just request >3>; but I decide how they look and such /o/ And it'll be on my time when I want to do it.)
⋆ For chibified pokemon, it's 2 coffees.
⋆ For my normal style, it's 3 coffees.~! Just make sure you specify the Pokemon in your donation~!
(These won't be shaded, unless I just want to then I will. And you can request a Pokemon I've already done~!)

♥ Or... you know... you could just give me a donation to be nice ♥

Help me get Spine (the program)

32% of goal

Every Coffee counts!

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