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I adopt a mostly humorous approach to raising awareness about invisible illnesses. I believe that laughter along with compassion and knowledge is a great way to bring people together!

My name is Marlies, and I have been living with epilepsy and chronic fatigue syndrome 27 years. My featured video explains my situation in a bit more detail.

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*I'm a person living with CFS and epilepsy. I am a blogger and a YouTube content creator.

* My YouTube channel, vlog, and blog will make you laugh and cry.

* Blogging and creating YouTube videos keeps me goal-focused, organized, and has the added benefit of diverting my mind from serious depression.

*Saving time and especially my energy are things I value greatly and hold tightly to.

* Your support will go back into my YouTube channel and into my blog in order to create better quality content more often! Simple things such as the right software or equipment mean a project might take 1-2 hours instead of two days.

Thank you very much! :)
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