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Scribbler of thoughts, plots, and sometimes stories. Bookworm. Geek girl. Penniless poet. Ravenclaw. Alexander Hamilton is my weird history crush.

alice says:
As you may know, caffeine is like lifeblood for most writers (at least it is for me). So I super appreciate that you'd like to buy me a cuppa. I love writing and sharing my poetry, blogging about my adventures, and geeking out with you. If you enjoy all of that enough to get me the fuel to help me keep it up, you are seriously the best.

A cup of coffee may not seem like a lot, but when I'm trying to decide whether or not to sacrifice a few hours sleep to write after a long day at work, that cup makes all the difference.

So thank you, truly. I hope to share more adventures and bring you more wander verse.
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