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April Sylph



I'm a trans girl programming hobbyist. I wrote and now maintain the tumblr theme Vision and I'm the most active member of the New XKit dev team.

April Sylph
CURRENT NOTE: DO NOT DONATE PLEASE! PayPal has limited my account, so I may have to refund the last few dozen donations. Please don't add to that number! --- Original text: Hey there. I'm April - a programmer, a trans girl, and up until recently, a full-time carer for my mother. My mother passed away at the end of January '18, leaving me, an agoraphobic 19-year-old with no college education, with no parents. I'm now receiving enough benefits to not go bankrupt, but it's not giving me much in the way of savings. If you want to show your appreciation, it'll be felt for a long time!

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