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Hello! I'm singer/songwriter who has been making acoustic music as well as anime/vocaloid covers since 2015. If you're simply a passerbyer or a someone who's been silently listening and would like to help fill my tip jar, I would be incredibly grateful for your support and encouragement for me to continue strumming and humming. Thank you so much.

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Hi there! It's Hikaru Station.
Some of you may know that my mom suffered from her second bladder prolapse due to medical negligence that resulted in around $7,000 worth of bills and $14,000 in total for both surgeries. From February to March, she was bedridden and because she is our main source of income, we've been behind on bills. I also had to take up working full-time alongside my dad to help with monthly bills. I'm making this Ko-fi page with a heavy heart because I feel guilty using my paycheck for anything other than my family. And I truly hope that you know that by filling up this tip jar, you're not only allowing me to continue making music, you are a constant reminder that I have the privilege of having a purpose in life. Thank you so much for all the love for Bishounen and I hope I can make even more songs once we're over this bump in the road and can jump on Saturn's rings.
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