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I'm Synne! I draw for a living and would always love the additional support 3


Thank you so much for consideration! Anything helps me pay the bills and coffee fuels the beast (me) *O*

I have a goal for a new computer. I don't know much about hardware, but I know that a decent gaming PC will act as a good PC for illustrations and art so I wanted to save up for a budget of $2,000. I will continue to research, but I know my laptop right now cannot handle the size of work I need, so I desperately need a PC (especially since I have room now for one since my move) so I can do my work properly.

If the PC I end up getting is less that 2k I will put the rest to my internet bill! (If you have advice for a PC that is good for photoshop+SAI handling, please let me know! >O<! I will adjust the price as needed if I find out more information.)

Thank you so much <3

New Computer!

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Every coffee counts!

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