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Character Designer/Illustrator; Mostly just a guy who cries about video games on a blog or few. I love people & I probably love you. :y

Your support and help means a lot to me, & will go toward helping me pay for my medications/bills/other functions/needs/etc-- as I'm unfortunately financially destitute & disabled, but make it by little by little with a lot of planning & help! Thanks!

I'm not a rich or strong guy by any means, I fight to get by. That being said, the fact that you took time out of your day to consider helping ease my struggle even just a little means an awful lot. I have difficulty asking for help, even when I need it desperately, and I never really get to do anything for myself-- it's all been about surviving. Trying to fix myself, physically, after a lifetime of neglect. Treatments, therapies, it's expensive and mentally straining. Taxing. I know this is winded and heavy, and I apologize, but know even the small things you can manage can make big impacts on people. If not for me, someone else.

If anyone does even check on this thing, thank you. Thank you for caring enough, at least in thought and if in donation-- that too. I hope you're repaid in full in kind. ;-;

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