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Freelance Artist & Volunteer Firefighter/EMT who resides in the Virginia countryside. With your support, you help me adequately set aside time for personal art endeavors to which I will then share in full resolution with you~

So I ran my 1st twitter poll on which feral Dog you'd all like to see and the winner was Bolt! Within a few days Ill be doing a fully completed image of him and showing it exclusively on here! Please consider supporting me with just 1 coffee. Once I begin I'll complete the image within 30 days. Youll be able to see the whole step by step process from sketch, inks, flats & final rendering! In between the fan favorite feral pic, Ill share personal art wips for supporters as well!

Be sure to be logged in to view locked content! Ill be starting with fan art monthly here and including personal pieces & work wips for future merch planning.

Every small amount helps and is always appreciated!

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